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  • Beta Wallet/Collection tool

    I wanted to let everyone know that the beta of the Wallet/Collection tool will be available soon. This will allow access to the most recent iterations of the cards/assets!

    Keep an eye out.

    Lastly, Be sure to let your friends know about this project. We can only make this a success with the support of you guys! Word of mouth is powerful!

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  • RE: Release still this year?

    Yeah, I think it'd be good to write up the development process and history for the game, blockchain, and wallet. We've come a long way since we cooked up this idea in late 2017.

    I updated the site to prominently feature our shame!

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  • Announcing Cardmotron

    Fresh Volition news for your Thanksgiving holiday week (or, for those outside the US, your...Tuesday?). We launched a little card layout tool called Cardmotron.

    You might see an email about it a little later, but in broad strokes, it's a layout tool we developed to prepare game assets for Volition. You upload an XLSX spreadsheet and it generates print-ready layouts. Our game designer @cryptogogue_ken found it so useful that we decided to make it available to everyone. If you’re a game designer and need an easy way to lay out your cards for print, check it out.

    We're really only developing Cardmotron insomuch as it serves our purposes for Cryptogogue projects, so it's not something we'll be maintaining or supporting officially. But, we thought it would be a fun tool for any hobbyist game designers. You can see the source code and detailed instructions here.

    Thanks for following us down this path for as long as you have.

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  • RE: Release still this year?

    Can't believe this year is almost over! Open beta is definitely looking like first half of 2020, but we are pushing to get to a closed beta before the end of the year. This will be our first big test for our blockchain and wallet. We have release candidates for both, finally!, so we only have one more task: templatizing the game assets (cards). That's happening now, actually, and I'll bring up a release date in our check-in this week. It might help get us over the hump if we put a hard deadline that isn't 'anytime before December 31, 2019'.

    BTW, if you're signed up to be a playtester, you'll have access to the closed beta.

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  • Non-game/non-lore card information

    Question for the community.

    Do you think, for a game like this, having non-game/flavor related info ON the card is important

    Things like copyright date, artist name, set, card number, rarity, etc...

    With Volition being a crypto and also "digitally owned", non-game relevant card information will be stored digitally anyway. We will be needing to have barcodes on the card templates as well and this reduces the space on the card.

    Why do we need non-game info in the printed cards?

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