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    Who is interested in mining? Are you mining anything now? Please share your thoughts/questions/concerns about mining.

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  • I'll be honest and say I know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies and mining. ^^; My boyfriend will give me the "For Idiots" version later, but I have been working on trying to research and understand myself - which is a VERY rough understanding in my opinion. ^^; If I understand correctly, voulenteers can offer up space on their Hard Drives to act as nodes, allowing people to, for the purposes of this game, obtain boosters when they are tapped, nyet? How does one find these nodes? Would they become listed on a network page? Also, would Volition have it's own mining program, or will it piggy back on another (I think I read that CryptoKitties, for example, requires Etherium?)?

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    @Bengali We'll publish what we're doing on the mining front when we get closer to beta. You won't have to mine to play the game. We'll provide a simple web-based wallet. Not being dependent on existing currencies is a goal, though I think integrations for people who already have ETH or BTC would be a good thing.

  • @patrick That makes me feel better. ^ ^ Thank you for making that distinction.

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    @bengali My pleasure. 😃

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    I'm 100% interested in mining sweet sweet booster packers. I currently run four 6x Vega 64 machines. I was Alternating between Sumo, XMR and ETN before the ASCI hit. The machines have since been turned off temporarily as some family things have occurred and the additional noise and heat we can do without for now.

    My biggest concern, is that if this takes off, this would need to be ASCI Resistant.

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    @icewarden Thanks for that info.

  • I plan on mining, but I don't know how intensive it will be as I have never mined before. I wonder if a raspberry pi would be enough or if huge resources would be needed.

  • @sprocket314 I'm kinda in the same boat as you - I've never mined before and don't know what kind of power it would take for me to get into the mining aspect, but I'm very much intrigued by the game and want to learn.

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    @sprocket314, @Bengali, Patrick and Ken touched on this in the fireside chat on FB yesterday, but to briefly summarize: We want want mining to be as accessible as possible to players. This means:

    • Folks with basic IT skills should be able to follow our FAQ and set up a mining node.
    • Expensive/complicated hardware should not be a prerequisite to mine.

    Still, it will probably require some comfort with command-line similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum. But, we hope the community (if not us) will help new miners get up and running.

    Mining on a Raspberry Pi certainly could be possible if we build a Linux client. This raises a question for @patrick: Could a user or a group of users dominate the mining pool with a bunch of Raspberry Pis or via a bunch of cloud nodes?

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    @cryptogogue_scott Timely question. Anyone watch the season finale of Silicon Valley? I think the real challenge in protocol design is mining account distribution. I'll share our thinking on that in the near future. For now I'll say that there will be a mechanism in place to deal with that very scenario.

  • hello all.
    is the mining algorythm is known ?

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    Hi, @tweetch. The consensus algorithm is a new configuration of existing primitives. We'll be sharing some information about it soon. Are you mining any currencies now?

  • hi. i'm mining ETH, ETN, GRFT and XMR (mainly cryptonight algo).
    hope you chose an asicproof algorythm ;o)

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    While I'm enjoying playing Volition I wonder about how tech side of the project is going:) As I remember there will be a possibility to set up mining node on a virtual machine and try mining in a sandbox, just to test it:) Share your progress guys:) I bet more people would be interested in that:)

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    @dragon Sorry for the radio silence. I've been heads down coding. Making good progress, though a little ways out. Watch this spot.

    @tweetch We'll be announcing some interesting stuff on the tech front (including the algorithm) soon. No ASICs required.

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    @patrick anny news about mining?

  • Ya any time i demo this game or talk about it I get hit with the Mining questions. will I need a rig, is it proof-of-"X", and ect

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