Customizing the Cards

  • In regards to customizing cards, how would one actually come about doing that? Will there be a website that tracks everyone's assets with the options to customize there, or will there be something build into the mining program/protocol that allows you to track and augment your cards there while changes you make are added to a database?

    I also noticed that in the 10May18 chat (I work graveyards so sadly I was unable to attend the live stream) you had mentioned that cards can be customized or socketed with abilities and those cards can have those socketed items removed with the main card still in tact but the gear/socketed item would be destroyed (I could have heard it wrong, I'm unsure). I feel like that would deter some people from wanting to use socketed items unless they were absolutely sure about it being advantageous, especially if they end up being assets that you have to mine boosters to get.

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    @bengali Yes, there would be a wallet that allows you to manage your assets.

    As for the socketing, the idea was that most of the cards that would be socketed to other cards would be common and many times a collector/avid player would have many excess copies of them. In all collectible card games there are always lower tier "commons" that usually get thrown away or "dusted" (in digital card games) and in Volition there will likely be the same, but at least in volition, you will be able to utilize those excess commons.

  • @cryptogogue_ken An interesting way to go about it! Thank you for your answer. 🙂

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