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    @sykobpd I'm trying to find someone to play spoils as well.

    Have You seen this: ?
    It may give you some ideas:)

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    @sykobpd There's also archived version of forum, but many topics are not available or broken:

  • So for me, one of the most important aspects of a card game is the depth of its decision space, which is to say how many valid choices there are available at any time.

    Spoils, definitely. I played a fair bit and definitely loved the expansive decision tree as by far my favorite aspect. I also enjoyed some of the more innovative mechanical choices implemented on cards - like variable threshold requirements (esp. Aroused Stiffbone) and such.

    Eternal is my favorite digital only game. It does some clever things with the digital space and while it has its issues its straightforward enough. It's not as heavy of a decision space game, but the choices that are there are significant imo.

    Obligatory "played mtg" a ton comment. It feels like only recently (like last decade) has it really grown in ways that improve the decision space and often has decided to keep it somewhat constrained by expanding it for a set and then not revisiting that expansion but implementing a new method of expansion.

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    I have played a fair share of ccgs. Started with Wyvern when I was a teen, played Rage, Mortal Kombat (old original version), Gridiron ( smashmouth football card game), Pokemon TCG, Sim City TCG and Yugioh. Recently, spoils was my go-to. Was the southeastern WI Ambassodor, for a quite a while and still play it my my kids. Recently started dipping into KeyForge.
    Like a lot of people that I see here, I go think spoils is my fave so far, it's the out of the norm kind of mentality that I like so much about it.

  • @nabonix For a second I thought you meant there was a Smash Mouth band themed tcg and was intrigued. Kinda glad that I was wrong in my initial guess. 😛

    Also I wanted to mention that the Netrunner bluffing and control angles also have really appealed to me, although as a new player trying to learn the meta it at times seemed nearly impenetrable.

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    @faith funny. A smashmouth CCG would be interesting, if that's the right word for it. Lol. No, it's a football card back more on the lines of Mutant league football...didnt know how to describe it.
    I have seen some people playing netrunner at a local g.s. when I was holding Spoils events. Seemed interesting but I was invested in the spoils at the time.

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    @nabonix I totally forgot Sim City TCG. I used to play that with my brother, then played it solo for a little while after he left the house.

    Neil Cicierega's Mouth Sounds. 😬

  • @scott What... what am I listening too?! 😉

    @nabonix Sounds interesting. I barely played it, and only after I stopped having people to play Spoils with - but it's depth of interaction and mind games really intrigued me.

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    @faith I'm sorry. 🙃

  • Magic, Force of Will, Warhammer, Magi-Nation, Key Forge. would prob be my current top 5 Magic only gets up there because of the many ways to play in both limited and constructed

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