New advisors, new art...PROGRESS

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    The team has been heads down working on Volition, and it's well past due for updates.

    • You might have noticed the homepage has been refreshed with art from the wonderfully enigmatic Kenfoo. More art is on its way.

    • Three new advisors have joined the board. David Hoppe (CEO of Gen Con), Scott Dodson (Chief Growth Officer of Lingvist), and Jon Kimmich (of Xbox and Day 1 Studios fame). We're excited to have them onboard. They join Tim Shields (shout out to Cascade Games) and Origin Award-winning game designer Josh Lytle. Check out the press release for more info.

    • I'll page @cryptogogue_ken to the scene to see if he's got some game updates.

    OK, back to the salt mines. I'll be back with updates (very soon, I promise).

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