Blockchain and CCG

  • Very interesting and very ambitious project you are attempting here.

    I see real potential here. Blockchain is perfect for decentralized ownership of virtual assets. However, to pull it off is going to be quite a project.

    Here are some ideas to consider as you move forward.

    1. Keep the blockchain aspect as simple as possible at the start. Bitcoin only does one thing allow bitcoins to move from one address to another but it is still very complex at the code level. Keeping the initial features simple at the beginning will lower costs and the number of programmers you will need. You can always add more advanced features as time progresses with hardforks which are going to be needed when you release new expansions anyways.

    2. Mining is expensive and dominated by big players. Assume that 80% of the mining will be taken over by people with massive GPU farms who will then dump the rewards on the secondary market. Players are not going to be the primary miners.

    Rewards to miners only need to be high enough to secure the network. If miners most of whome will never play the game get 100% of new cards you might be starved for revenue and lack the resources to attract onboard new players.

    You may want to consider a gradually increasing reward schedule giving your company a large amount of the initial cards. Something like the miners get 25% of the initial cards the first year with that amount increasing gradually over time. This would give you a product to sell to game stores and individuals. Rewards to miners just need to be high enough to decentralize and protect the network.

    1. Rarity at the code level. The reserve list in magic is something to emulate perhaps at the code level. Some kind of code limit that only allowed 95-99% of each set to be "reprinted" in future releases would help build speculative interest.

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    @jaredpwagner @patrick is probably better suited to talk about these things, but I'm really glad that you and others are thinking about what building a CCG on blockchain technology actually means for the game.

    To your first point, the blockchain is basically there to track ownership of assets for the game. You're right, though, that it's a little more complex than we first thought! We're very focused on an MVP, and we probably shouldn't be too worried about hard forks down the line. Though, we'll try to smooth this out in our beta release.

    For the second point, we think about this a lot. We are building a consensus algorithm that is not Proof of Work, so we aren't worried about computing power or escalating hash rates. I mean, why solve puzzles for booster packs when you could get bitcoins? But, that leaves us with the problem of securing the blockchain. We'll have an update next month about how we're thinking about all this, but we think we have a good way of balancing fairness and security with regard to mining.

    Lastly, we are definitely thinking about this aspect. Remember, every card will have its chain of custody recorded on the blockchain, so even if we were to re-release a card for another set, it could be tracked to the set under which it was released, the booster pack it came from, and when that booster pack was mined.

  • @scott said in Blockchain and CCG:
    "why solve puzzles for booster packs when you could get bitcoins?"
    because if i had Bitcoins I would use them to buy booster packs and that just seems like extra steps 😄

  • 🙂 🙂 :):)

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