If you are not an official playtester, but you know one...

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    After some discussion, we have realized that sometimes getting others you may know to sign an NDA for a game they have not yet seen or know anything about can be rough. We have decided that we will open up the NDA a tad and allow you to demo the game to friends and local gamers who have not yet signed an NDA. You as the responsible party will only need to be sure that you collect all game materials (card prints and rules) at the end of a gaming session. You will need to be sure that others not on an NDA do not take photos or retain any copies of the NDA protected materials.

    This will allow you to basically play and test the game with anyone you wish. If your new opponent decides they want to get involved more and join in on the forum discussions, have them get in contact with me and we will get them in here!

    I hope this really helps people out in finding players and time to test and give some valuable feedback and opinions/ideas for the game.

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    Great idea @cryptogogue_ken. Kamil and I have some friends to whom we want to show the game, but they're not that happy to sign contract just to see the game:( Now we can show them the game:)

  • Exciting!

    Should make it easier to get people to try a game. 🙂

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    Cool. I'll play with my roommate who plays spoils and some of my students are into ccgs.

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    I would love to see some of you and the people you are demoing to and playtesting with, come up with some decks using the whole available card pool.

    The easiest way to do this is to make sure you sleeve all the cards in the same sleeves, then you can just mix and match to your hearts desire. Maybe even print a could duplicates of cards you know would be in multiple builds.

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