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    Some games like the Spoils provide very little outside materials about the world it's set in. I found about 2 articles from @patrick and some comics. On the other hand designer of Genesis: Battle of champions provides few short stories and descriptions on his web page. For me personally, I wasn't that interested in The spoils world when the game was still alive, but some time after fall I was trying to find as many resources as I can and I've got really interested. I wonder how much worldbuilding is important for You guys? Do You like to read external resources, or simply enjoy the game mechanics?

    @cryptogogue_ken have you thought about this in regards to volition? Will there be any additional resources people can consume or is it intended to be driven only by the community? And if so, will there be a place for players stories?

  • I for one enjoy games (of any kind) more when they have a lore/reading material that can be read and experienced outside of gameplay.
    It gives me something to do when, say, all my friends are too busy and cant make a meetup.
    I still get to enjoy the world.

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    @dragon Patrick, Ken and I have been discussing this. I liked the weird Spoils lore, and we're not above writing a bit of fanfic for Volition. We'll try and get something polished for the forums.

    Still working out the details of our Electro-Runic Voidal Condeser Unit manual, so that folks know how to store their voidal energies in their electronified haversack. They can then squirt them onto glistening sheets of pulp and play. No quotidian miscues or messy rituals!

  • It definitely seems like something that could be fun, but I can totally understand why it isn't a priority, so to speak. 🙂

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