Is Volition still developed?

  • No one has posted in the forums since over a month. It seems pretty dead to me. It would be sad if this project fails.

  • administrators

    We're still plugging away at the protocol and the wallet, but we also got really busy with our day jobs 😞 . @cryptogogue_ken was good about getting the game design to test, and now he's waiting on us. @patrick and I sat down last week to sort out all the remaining tasks till we can release to the folks here. We're looking at a few weeks of work (that we need to fit around our schedules), so we definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    We'll be ramping up community outreach stuff when we actually have stuff for you to check out. Long story short, we're not dead, yet! If you think it'd be helpful, I can start releasing some screenshots of what we're working on. But, we kinda figured that folks just want to mine boosters and play the damn game.

  • administrators

    I would like to encourage people to still playtest cards. I would love to see people figuring out the best decks possible from the current card pool.

  • Screenshots and photos would be a nice idea. Also can you post an example card? I think it would be nice if there is one free card so anyone can see how the connection between printed cards and the blockchain actually works.

  • administrators

    if by "post a card" you mean because you want to see a card, we have "all" the cards for playtesters to check out.

    If you mean "post a card" by giving everyone a free card in their wallet, then i think that could be a great idea.

  • playtesters

    @cryptogogue_ken Did someone say free card?! 😄

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