Release still this year?

  • The homepage still says that Volition will be launching this year (2019). Is this still the case? Or will it be delayed again until 2020? And how are things going with developement?

  • administrators

    Can't believe this year is almost over! Open beta is definitely looking like first half of 2020, but we are pushing to get to a closed beta before the end of the year. This will be our first big test for our blockchain and wallet. We have release candidates for both, finally!, so we only have one more task: templatizing the game assets (cards). That's happening now, actually, and I'll bring up a release date in our check-in this week. It might help get us over the hump if we put a hard deadline that isn't 'anytime before December 31, 2019'.

    BTW, if you're signed up to be a playtester, you'll have access to the closed beta.

  • You should update the front page which still says release in 2019. And perhaps make a blog post about the delay.

  • playtesters

    @scott Happy to hear that. Great job 👍
    Keep us informed 😎

  • administrators

    Yeah, I think it'd be good to write up the development process and history for the game, blockchain, and wallet. We've come a long way since we cooked up this idea in late 2017.

    I updated the site to prominently feature our shame!

  • A write up on the process could definitely be an interesting read (in my opinion.)

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