Introduce yourself here!

  • Just thought I'd pop this cherry - Introduce yourself and tell us about what makes you tick!

    I'm a CCG gamer since the early days of MTG, still play digitally. Lots more to me than just that, but mostly off topic for here!

  • playtesters

    Would not say I am an AVID CCG gamer, but they have held my interest for quite awhile, would like to get more involved.

  • Yo! Playing CCG’s since 1993, MTG, The Spoils and pretty much have tried everything card game related in between! Looking forward to trying out this new and exciting adventure!

  • Hey all!

    Casual CCG player. Was never into MTG, but loved The Spoils, Hecatomb, and others.

    Looking forward to checking this out!

  • administrators

    Hey there! I'm one of the project founders, along with Scott Teal and Ken Pilcher. Welcome and thanks for signing up!

  • Hello everyone, I'm Justin L., a contributor and playtester for Hack and Slash Games' Galactic Warriors (formerly Ophidian 2360) card game, and also a playtester (and sometimes a contributor) for a couple dozen or more digital card games (currently testing The Horus Heresy: Legions).

    I was first introduced to Magic the Gathering 18 years ago by a childhood friend, and immediately fell in love with card games. That love of card games has helped foster some great friendships, rivalries, and opportunities over the years.

    I'm no stranger to Ken's work with The Spoils, as I've been a fan and collector of the game from its earliest years until its death, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he has in store for Volition (wink wink nudge nudge, I see what you did there, Ken).

    I won't lie when I say that I'm a bit intimidated by the thought of trying to be an Ambassador for print-on-demand digital cardboard crack, especially when I'm uncertain as to how this is all going to play out, but I'm willing to give it a shot like I have with every other game.

    I think I'm gonna cut my intro off here as I've written a novella. Looking forward to cracking some digital packs, getting some cards printed, and seeing where the future takes Volition.

  • playtesters

    Kettil here, from Sweden. Been playing card games and board games most of my life. Played a lot of The Spoils for a bunch of years.

  • Hello im Ryan, I live in Tampa FL.

    Ive been playing CCG's since about the release of MTG. Currently im playing MTG Arena and Hearth Stone.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Javier and I'm here straight from Facebook where Patrick posted about Volition.

    I used to play Yugioh back then in middle school but fell off the CCG wagon for years till recently. Anything from casually playing Hearthstone and trying to break into Faeria, to starting MTG soon, I've just been interested in card games all over again.

    I'm actually in the middle of designing a game using cards and paper standees in some combination but that's a sort of a far future thing for now. Which is one reason I was drawn to Volition. The fact that we can make custom art and change the card stats gives us a chance to really use an existing model to make our own stuff. So I'm really looking forward to what's to come and thank you for creating such an exciting venture.

  • Hello all. Jay here from Tampa FL. Long time CCG player, and enjoyed and loved playing the Spoils. Looking forward to some great things from you guys!!!!

  • Hello. I'm Jack. I played MTG many years ago and on recent occasions. Over the last several years I have mostly played The Spoils, when it was still actively being printed. I was even involved in play testing, product demos etc. Interested to see what Ken is coming up with next.

  • Good morning! My name is Jaime (Pronounced hy-may).

    I have a long history in TCGs and other various card games: Magic, Yugioh, Star Wars (Decipher), WoW, MagiNation, Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, City of Heroes, GI Joe, Pokemon, and several Deck Builders (Ascension and DC Deckbuilder most notably) and customizable games (ASHES and Summoner Wars). I am even in the process of trying to bring a game of my own to life.

    The very idea of this take on the TCG genre intrigues me and I am looking forward to everything coming to fruition! 🙂

  • Hi, I'm Carlos and I have played MtG, Battletech and The Spoils since they came out. I am also a boardgame designer and crypto enthusiast. I organise tournaments for The Spoils here in Surrey (England) and I love The Spoils and gaming in general.

    Well, I also play Pokemon TCG with my son (in exchange he pays Spoils with me). He is 7 years old.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Colby. I've been playing CCGs since '93. I was one of the top spoils players and I'm excited to be part of the Crypto CCG frontier. I own a small business and I hope as we grow as a community we can all blow this thing up. If there is anything I can do to contribute to the project please don't hesitate to hit me up.

    It's good to be here guys.

  • playtesters


    My name is Trey. While my experience in TCGs is not lengthy, I play to win and consider myself extremely competitive. In the sense that I'll pick up a TCG and research research research until I'm able to build, analyze and pilot top-tier decks in a competitive environment. I have experience with MTG and Spoils. I used to be a Spoils Ambassador for the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area.

    I'm also an avid PC Gamer, currently playing League and Battletech until something better comes out.

    I'm looking forward to what this has to offer as a TCG, knowing the crew behind it, I'm expecting a lot of fun to be had.

    I have four crypto mining rigs currently retired due to the ASCI attack on Cryptonight, so I have resources to apply towards the Beta Testing of mining 🙂

  • Hi,

    I'm Johnny, I previously played The Spoils. I live in the Puget Sound area, and have met some of the original Tenacious Games folks at the various local events in the past. In addition to enjoying the game, I love the artwork and humor! I've spent a lot of time analyzing the cards for clues, hints, and storyline in the subtext. I'm excited to learn more about Volition, and eager to see what Ken Foo has up his sleeve for this game!

    I tend to learn the rules, and card subtext, inside and out, so I can exploit the edge cases for a leg up in the competition.

    In addition to the game, I'm interested in learning more about the technology/blockchain aspect. I buy and sell cryptocurrency as an investment and am interested in blockchain as a tool for applications and business.

    I'd be interested in beta testing the game, and am willing to dedicate a computer of modest capabilities to run a blockchain node.

  • playtesters

    Looks like things have been quiet here for a while. Hi, I'm Joe. First ever ccg was Pokemon, then magic shortly after and yugioh later. I'm willing to try basically anything once and volition looks like it has the potential to be the "next big thing".

    My main draw to card games is collecting the different sets and opening new packs. I hope to have the chance to do some serious collecting and the idea of mining booster packs has me seriously intrigued. Hope to be a big part of the community once it gets off the ground!

  • playtesters

    @luciteflux Hi Joe:) Right now Kamil and I, like the others, are heavy testing the game mechanics:) You can join playtesters group if You want and have some fun Yourself:) The game is fun and I think You find it appealing. @cryptogogue_ken released 4 testing decks already. It has some mechanics from all the games you tried up to now. Happy playing;)

  • Yo!

    Big fan of games with a focus on skill over luck(Street Fighter, Quake, The Spoils etc) looking for a new card game to go in-depth on!

    Would probably play Legacy in MtG if there was a player-base around and if I had the funds.


  • Hi. I am Ivan CHOW, or Yorker from Malaysia.

    TCG/CCG/LCG/ECG/DCG in and out for many many card game out there. Being a player, collector, secondary market seller, and the best part or I am best known of crack pack, bang pack freak.

    What I believe in card game is bringing different level of player, sitting in a table, playing under a same rule. It reflects a tiny world.

    Everyone is moving away from physical card game to digital card for the ease of accessing.

    Two different clan the physical supporter an D the digital supporter are fighting each other to defend the beliefs.

    However I am seeing Volition as a breakthrough to unite the two different player base. And can't imagine that after 3 generation later, my grandson will be telling others the story of the cards.

    I am definitely into supporting this project, I am also owning a few mining farm, as a player, as an event organizer, really looking forward if there any effort I can volunteer myself into accelerating this breakthrough.

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