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    Howdy everyone. The name is Kevin Nabak
    I was introduced to CCG's as a young teenager with Wyvern.
    I grew up loving board games and card games, creating games since i could talk. Making intricate board games for all cartoons/shows/movies i watched or games I played, making games for school projects in grade school, even turning basic baseball and football cards into a card game of sorts using the players stats on the back of the cards. Now days I like to create mods to existing games, putting my own spin on rules to what I thought bettered the games. (You can see the one I posted on boardgamegeek for the resident evil DBG "Lost in Nighmare" mod)
    I recently found my old CCG decks after cleaning out my parents old house. Along with these decks, I found my collection of Gridiron, Rage, Digimon TCG and original Mortal Kombat cards. (I know some of these you may not even know)
    In the past I dabbled in SimCity, Yugioh, and Pokemon TCG.
    Never got into MTG as it seemed a little too mainstream (not that yugioh and pokemon aren't but I played those when they first released). This is what was so intriguing to me about Spoils, mainstream gameplay with an underground following. It intrigued me so much that I contacted Ken and became an ambassador in Southeastern WI.
    I still play spoils now and then to this day and look forward to seeing "the next big thing" devolop.

  • Chris better know as PlagueScape on some gaming channels. Im the Philly area. Lets see card game history... started Magic: the Gathering in 1998 during the Stronghold expansion got hooked on the idea of card games in general after. Beta tested over half a dozen TCG/CCG's. Competed in GP/PPTQ level tournament with good enough records to meet and play against some of the worlds best players. Collected enough profit from them to pay for 2 cars. I've competed in Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic: the Gathering, World of Warcraft TCG, DragoBorne, LightSeekers, Force of Will, Warhammer CCG, and Hearthstone tournaments. I've became State and Nationally ranked in some. Regardless I'm still more unlucky then any of you on the draw, as I prove time and time again when I stream Magic on twitch and draw 7 lands of the top to a GG.
    out side of the CCG's hobby wise i do photography, PC games, table top games and the stuff that goes along with the tabletops (painting, 3D printing, ect).
    would say the draw to volition comes from the no mana screw/flood that ive noticed in this game you can always do something and also the YOU own the cards a issue I hold with with MTGA and MTGO the cards can be taken away at any point and they have "no value" after spending real world money on them.

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