• Art is a tricky issue.

    Magic is currently angering a significant subset of its player base by giving the impression that attractive females cannot be depicted on its cards. The Spoils went too far the other way and it was simply not suitable for children.

    The correct balance is somewhere in the middle. I think early magic was close to the right place with cards like Serra Angel being eye catching but not tacky.

    It is dangerous to outsource art without centralized oversight/approval. That is asking for all sorts of problems and headaches.

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    @jaredpwagner When sets are launched, the Cryptogogue team will have full control of the reference art, and hopefully it will be balanced in the way you describe. But, we really want custom art to flourish in the game.

    Perhaps in the beginning we'll have to have some stricter controls about custom art (a controlled approval process of some kind), like @sprocket314 and @Grimjack mention, and then as the community matures, we can build a bit of resilience and automation into the custom art process so as not to have big headaches early on.

    As for representation in general (and females, in particular), I would hope that artists show a little imagination, here. Apply similar standards for representation to all genders: some could be attractive, neutral, unattractive, monstrous, grotesque, comical, etc. My two cents, anyway.

  • Just to share a sparks in my head, if we asking ourselves, what are the main difference of the card game? Eventually it is a game, and it is tied to the play of the game. If the block chain technology is to maintain and distribute the ability of the cards, where else the art is the flavour of it.

    Both of us are drinking soda (the game play) but I prefer grapes and opponent is prefer apple.. eventually I am playing my grape flavoured card against your apple flavoured card, however under the same game rules it makes more fun.

    Further more, with this ability of alt arts will promote more "value" of the collecting card. Which is the art creator to decide how many copies do exists in the system.

    Anyway, this is just my sparks of idea. I will be delighted to see when I playing with my son, he could have his own art fighting against his father own collection.

  • the biggest draw to me about this game was the fact we could put in our own art. I play a lot of Magic the Gathering but some of the best cards in the game have some of the worst art and thats why alters are a thing and make bank "fixing" the cards. Also as another example of why i feel its so important as a personal example I tried to teach a friend KeyForge and it was a instant nope when i asked why he simply replied "the art" then went off to learn the Warhammer card game, In this case the option of changing the art to something more his style may of made him go ya ok lets look at how the game plays instead of a instant no.

    I also have a invested interest in the idea of using your art to bring value to the card. I think @Grimjack hit this pretty well my biggest concern with this is the content thats allowed. I have a friend thats a amazing alterer but ya know what cards bring in more money the ones with nude anime girls on them. I personally do photography work on the side wanna take a guess what pictures get the most online attention yep TnA. Now im all for it but I personally get pissed when im told my clothed Morgan Aensland alter is too sexual and to put it away by judges/store owners so I would hope that if the community oks something then no one has the right to cry about it. I will go all the way down the rabbit hole but I understand part of community growth is having a younger generation play too, @sprocket314 had a good idea with the 18+ flag. so really that line in the sand need to be put in.

    Also as @bengail touched on, things like adding value to a card threw custom art hopefully there is a way to have that plagiarism stuff policed by the community too to avoid one losing your time on your art and two Wizards of the Coast coming after cards with all the Magic art we steal to put on the cards 😛

  • @plaguescape I re-iterate my idea of having 3 mining tiers. One for "younger than teenagers" for your Pokemon/Yugi-Oh type of art, more cute. One for teenage to 18/adult, with cool style art, which probably would be the main bulk of it. One for 18+ for more controversial art (nudity, niche, etc.). Miners would then be able to choose which tier they want to mine or specialise into. That could also make it interesting or an incentive for miners to try different or less popular tiers, due to the rarity.

  • @sprocket314 I do like that idea but once it comes down to online or print and play, especially if there is a in real life tournament scene then the issue of we cant put that art on camera or get matched up online and you need censor bars cuz you got paired up vs a minor. At GPs for Magic they had minors day 2 and top 8 so I get the feeling if they want to take this to e-sport level what is how we would make more demand for cards especially if you could trace it to the fact this was the card that won at this one event ect type stuff that the block chain allows then we are more then likely going to get a family friendly art restriction.

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    Sorry to come up late on this, I'm very new to the forums... I find custom art to be one of the most interesting aspects of this game, but I am not sure whether I like it, at least from a strictly "does it make my game easier to conduct" point of view, because otherwise custom is always cool.
    My main issue comes from personal experience: The more I play a card game, the more familiar I become with the cards, I come to instantly recognize a card being played just by looking at the art. A fleeting look even for a moment on the table and I can instantly recognize the state of the game, if I'm behind or not, what effects are in play, what are the threats etc., just by looking at card art and not having to read at texts. I am sure that everyone that has played any card game for any amount of time can agree to this: you instantly "read" the table just by eyeball scanning the images.
    And therefore lies my concern: I am afraid that with custom art, having to double check every card that drops, might become tiresome in the long run. If EVERY card can be ANY card then NO card is recognizable when it hits the table, and that might be annoying long term. Sorry for my long post, looking forward to see how this goes!

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    @baldur As a card gamer of 25+ years, I totally understand your concern. One thing to remember though is that even in card games like MTG, there are MANY iterations of art, of the same card. Promo versions, new set versions, full art versions, blacked out-foil Comic Con versions... even arted and customized cards... Those kinds of cards hit the tables all of the time.

    In Volition, I would not expect every card to have differing/unique art. There is a transaction fee associated to putting custom art on a card. Also, you can always revert cards back to their native state (unlike a real card that gets arted with bad art).

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    @cryptogogue_ken oh ok the fee makes sense, should also “filter out” some of it. Yea I think it’s just the old person in me that makes me skeptical but it’s nice you have thought it out

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    @baldur We love hearing the feedback that's rooted in skepticism. It ensures we are looking at all the right things, from the right angles.

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